Another satisfied customer!

As a retired professor of Landscape Architecture at Purdue University, I’m delighted to see a product so right for solving so many site maintenance problems. Channel Guard is the ideal solution to the homeowner’s headache of controlling the fire hose effect of water pouring from a gutter downspout. Used as an edging strip around any building, the Channel Guard filled with gravel or other small stone receives and diverts the water all around the building, letting it be distributed gently into the lawn, leaving no damage from concentrated erosion.

In addition, the Channel Guard strip is a neat looking edging strip. No weeds can penetrate the solid plastic structure of the Channel Guard. Since it is installed level with the lawn grade, detail grass trimming is virtually eliminated at the base of the house, around any structures, under fences, and by walls.

I recall giving so many lectures advising young designers to devise details to develop a solution to these problems, with results that were worthwhile, but difficult to construct. Channel Guard would have turned pages into a paragraph and produced much less work and much more satisfaction. It’s a terrific idea. I recommend the use of this product with enthusiasm and confidence.

— Don M.

I have used Channel Guard Edging for fences, splash blocks, and mow strips. It is easy to use and looks great! Gives the landscape a clean & finished appearance.

— Randy (Elkhart, IN)

I installed this product for a customer to prevent mud and mulch from splashing against the house during heavy rains. Required some light excavation with shovel and rake, set in place with landscape staples and fill with gravel – end of problem and the customer loved it!

— Jeff (Camp Hill, PA)

This is such a simple solution. It makes maintaining a clean edge. Each piece snaps together, making installation really simple. I also love that you can mow over it!

— Justin (Chicago, IL)

We have finished installing tha Channel Guard around the perimeter of our lawn and we could not be happier. we have three men dig out the sod from under our wrought iron fence and slide the Channel Guard under so that both sides of the fence could use ride-on lawn mowers without having to worry about hitting the fence.

–Sue & Paul Boucher (Ont. Canada)

Love, love, love the products! The ease of installation of the Channel Guard and the Edging was a priority for me. Ourhome was a new construction 4 years ago. Since I’m the avid gardener who does her own garden designs, I discovered the Edging Revolution online and made one order to “give it a try”. Then ordered more as the gardens grew! I live on the east coast and we do get cold, freezing then thawing weather! A big PLUS that I have discovered is this does not heave like the older forms of landscape edging! So glad to see the business has really grown!! Congratulations!

Used these to channel water away from my house foundation as I have no gutters. Filled them with #2 river stone from a local nursery. The stone breaks up the splatter from the rain falling and is clean where before mud was splashing onto the siding. I tried a quarter inch per foot but this ends up about a eight inch because putting one section into another flattens the pitch. I increased the pitch to a half inch per foot as that is the most I could get. Seems to be working.

Pros:Easy to Use, Performs Well, Easy to Install, Easy to Work With

Rain water was burying my water meter. It is exactly what I was looking for. Very light weight. Inexpensive and very easy to install. I rained last night and looks like the channel guards worked exactly as I hoped!